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Can I ride the bikes on the beach?
  Yes, HOWEVER… do not ride the bikes through the surf, even a little bit. The salt water causes significant damage to the bikes.
Do baskets come with the bikes?
  Baskets are free by request and only fit adult bikes. They are detachable.
How do I get my bikes?
  We will drop your bikes off to your rental house, villa, or hotel. All bikes will be locked. We give you the lock code when you place your order (web orders receive lock code via confirmation email). We ask that you please ready bikes for pick up by leaving them in the same location as where they were delivered. Don’t forget to leave your baskets and helmets! LOCK YOUR BIKES – it may be hours after you leave before we pick them up.
How exactly do I use a Tag-Along or Kiddie Cart?
  We hook up both at time of delivery, so you should be all set to go. Kiddie carts have instructions printed on them indicating proper harness technique. The rider of Tag-a-long can, but doesn’t have to pedal.
I made a reservation from a private owner, can you still deliver ahead of time?
I only need a bike for a day or two, do you offer short term rentals?
  Yes, we offer 2-3 day rentals! Call for Rates
I’m not staying inside a plantation, will you still deliver?
  Except for a few exceptions, yes.
Is there a helmet law?
  There is no helmet law in Hilton Head, but we strongly recommend them, especially for young children.
What are the biking rules for the island?
  Stay on the paths, not the road. Golf paths are usually off-limits unless it’s after normal playing hours (check with your rental agent). You must stop at the bike path stop signs! Try to ride to the right of the path if other riders are nearby. If you pass, do it on the left, and announce to the rider ahead.. “on your left”.
What if I have a problem with my bike?
  We make sure our bikes our in outstanding riding condition before they are delivered, however things like flat-tires do occur. Give us a call at 843-842-9900 and we generally can have a replacement to you in 1-2 hours.
What time do you deliver/pick-up the bikes?
  The vast majority of our rentals are the same as villa/house rentals… Saturday to Saturday. In these cases, we deliver our bikes Saturday afternoon between 12-6PM, and pick up the following Saturday, first thing in the morning. If you are renting bikes on a day other than Saturday we almost always have you your bikes by 12PM, and even earlier by request if possible. We always try our best to accommodate your schedule. If you need bikes delivered or picked up a certain time, just call and ask.
Where can I ride bikes on Hilton Head?
  The island has over 50 miles of bike paths both inside and outside of the gated communities. Biking on the beach is also very popular as the beaches are mostly very wide with hard packed sand (especially at low-tide).
Do I have to be present for delivery?
  No, you do not need to be at the property for the delivery. If there is space, we will leave the bikes locked right in front of your unit or on the nearest bike rack. You will be given a lock combination with your order.